Running a tinting business in Central Florida for 6+ years is no easy task. Many have come and gone. Despite all the $99 tint specials and Groupon deals promising 5 window tint jobs (which is a total scam) we’ve persevered for 2 reasons. First, we sell the best quality film, and second our technicians are the best in the industry. Our tint jobs come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to be 100% color stable, and they will not bubble or delaminate. Further, we back our installations with a full satisfaction guarantee. When you choose us to tint your car, you will feel the difference for the entire lifetime of your ownership. Don’t let the lure of a so called “good deal” leave you feeling hot and frustrated in your vehicle.

For More Than Just Style

Window tint provides an abundance of protective components. In addition to blocking dangerous UV rays, tinted windows also reduce glare and interior temperature. Reducing glare allows for a clearer view and safer drive for you and your passengers. Lowering the interior temperature means that on hot, humid summer days, your car will remain cooler and more comfortable. Sun can also damage the interior of a car, causing the leather, textile and plastic to fade. Window tint will help preserve your interior and increases your privacy. Tint helps block the view of wandering eyes and keeps your personal belongings safe when you’re away from your car. You can trust the experts at Excel Detailing to install the best window tint.

Benefits of Window Tint:







Brands We Use

Here at Excel Detailing we use LLumar window tint films. LLumar automotive window tint does a lot more than just give glass a sleek, custom look. The benefits are truly impressive. Llumar uses a variety of technologies to fight the negative side effects of the sun. Reduce your need for using your air conditioning, reduce glare, and protect yourself and your passengers from the dangers of UV ray exposure.

At Excel Detailing we also use SunTek window tint films. SunTek offers a broad selection of automotive tint products that each have their own excellent benefits. Their tint is engineered with technologies ranging from time-tested to cutting-edge and offered in styles. SunTek films keep GPS, satellite radio, and cell phone signals free from interference, in addition to giving your vehicle a brand new look!